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  • A Backyard UFO and, Front Yard UFO’s

        Today, I am briefly pausing from what I normally write about (Scriptural matters) in order to expose you to what started three full years ago and continues to this day.

        This posting consists of two articles: one Backyard UFO; the second is Front Yard UFO.    Let me assure you that the matters and pictures in these two articles are the real McCoys. I haven’t time and desire to make up and write fiction. As a matter of fact, I firmly believe that many fellow Americans spend way too much time and money living and playing and pursuing fantasies rather than learning and applying eternal truths that cannot lie.

        Thus let us get started.  On Oct. 30 at two am I took our dog out back to fulfill his desire on the back privacy fence. To help prevent tripping, in my hand I had by little flashlight pointed toward the ground. Suddenly, I heard the wind blowing very strongly but I did not feel any wind. Finally, I noticed that the tall 40 foot pine tree on the North East side of the back yard was frantically whipping around. Toby did his thing and we headed southward across our patio toward the back door of our one story home. I looked up and, to my surprise, a craft hovered about 2 meters above the roof of our home. My mouth dropped open and stuck there as I was almost paralyzed from fright. The left side of the craft appeared to be in line with the top of the comb of our home. The red maple in the from yard was clearly visible between the craft’s bottom and the top of the house. I took Toby inside and carefully backed down two steps to the bottom. Then I cautiously backed up a few more steps to get by the roof’s overhang, in order to see. There it was no more than 20 feet from me. With no lights or sounds it just sit there as a dark solid object against the clear bluish skyline. After staring for about 15 or 20 seconds the craft must have seen me. It shot off eastward toward Lake Erie making a sucking sound much like a vacuum, as it went. As I stared at its tail end, with the exception of a small tail-like fin in the middle, the width of the craft appeared to be about the same as its length. In approximately three or four seconds it was completely out of sight.

      The next day, I looked at the roof again and using the many roof vents as reference points, I surmised that its length to be about 40 feet.

        Thus far, this has been the only triangular craft I’ve have seen. As far as I can remember all of the rest have been circular in shape.  

    On the below date I filled this report with MUFON headquarters in Texas.

    MUFON Report – 12-04-18

    case number –  96776


        Here are a few pictures I recently took. No photo shop was used.

    _The 1st shot is all three crafts together. 

    They were a good 1/8-1/4 mile out. I wanted a closer shot, but I was freezing! There are a number of difficulties involved in shooting these things: One is the need to find one either coming head on or one standing still. If they are tilted when travelling the glow from the bottom will appear like a great bright circle. Secondly, if they are moving sideways, the camera’s aperture setting needs constant adjusting to let in the proper light and the shutter speed to prevent blur. There are more difficulties, but the bottom line is this – they seem to be constantly moving which causes the bottom to be bright or brighter. Over the years I have wasted multiplied dozens of shots just to delete them. Note also that the top and second one has a burning haze to them. These colors are probably cause by generating heat. The real colors look to be a light grey. Their nuclear gravitational generator looks to be struggling or perhaps this is normal- thus a glow. I recently watched Bob Lazar lecture about the gravitational generator on board each craft. He and another physicist at area 51 were assigned to back engineer one of the generators.

    Bob said that it was completely impossible for this to be done on earth because the knowledge to do so has not yet been discovered. He said that the crafts used this device to reverse it and expose this force to earth’s gravitational pull. By reversing the fields of what was being generated in the craft against those of earth it would have the same effect as putting two magnets with like poles together. They would push each other away. Thus, this is their propulsion system. One last thing on this generator— This device had no wires connecting it to anything onboard the craft. It just stood on the floor. Bob was eventually terminated for being a whistle blower. For years the government tried to wipe out his complete identity. Thus far, the powers that exist have not succeeded.  Now, let us move on.

    _ The top shot is just that. 

    Once again, no photo shop is used. You can begin to see a green ring around the outside and a darker ring a short way around on the inside. On my camera this shadowy ring looks like a ring of windows around the craft. This is a bottom view enlarged from a long way out. If made smaller the ring would be more defined and obvious.

    _The middle UFO

    One adjustment before total distortion shows colored electrical wire-like fire jetting out from all over the bottom. These look to be enormous, exceedingly hot, and extremely frightening. The craft next to this one appeared to be having trouble with something. Not only did they get close together, but the fiery electrical waves became larger as they approached the ground. I’ve been around the block a few times and in all honesty, I can say that I have seen a lot of horrifying things (especially the 15 months in Vietnam) but I have never watched anything that brought a horror to me deep inside like the bottom of this UFO!

    _3rdly is the bottom one

    When this one got close to the ground something went wrong. He went to the ground behind the house of my neighbor across the street. As he and I approached, this driver tried to hide behind the house of his neighbor to the west- actually parking on or a few feet above the ground. When the driver saw my neighbor he somehow managed to slowly lift off. Once up, he boogied off. Again, we note the green outside corona and the shadowy grey inside circle.

    _Here is a craft with visitors that did not show until I snapped the shot.

         Needless to say, I got a tremendous amount more to learn about my camera and taking shots at these guys. I do wish I had better to show at this time, but I promise more in the future. I’ll take any shot they give me! Recently I missed two excellent picks: one on the ground hiding from my neighbor behind another neighbor’s house (the dumb driver forgot to turn his lights off!) and another being carried by the biggest helicopter I have ever seen. I’m ashamed to tell of other good shots that went down the tube because my camera was in the house.

        Here are a few things I would suggest remembering. These characters are on some kind of mission. They are not sightseeing. On clear nights they work in a grid-like fashion. Secondly, do not use or have flashlights on and please do not use any type of flash.  They will see you, turn off their lights, and appear like a star or else move away. Last but not least, if you go out a night with or without a dog, please take you camera along. You cannot recover a lost camera shot that was not taken. Absolutely last, be careful! Although they are on our turf, we cannot get on theirs. Their capabilities are, without question, absolutely unknown.

    God bless,


    Please feel free to leave comments are questions here. Sometimes they get lost or out of sequence on Facebook. Thank you!