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  • Please but Please never Forget!

    powmia“This is a strong tribute to some young fellows who suffered terribly and also a President who never quit until he got them Home. This President was vilified for far less than what the present worm in the white house does nearly everyday completely without consequence. In a time in our history when folks who do what just a short time ago would have been considered a common response are labeled heroes, my guess most of these men don’t consider themselves heroes just good solid American Soldiers. My time in Viet Nam taught me many lessons, the one that stands strong in my mind is there is nothing human Tougher or more Dangerous than an American Soldier with his back against the wall.  This is a video about  North Vietnam POWs.   No matter what one thinks of Nixon, watch this!It is interesting and emotional. It is about 10 minutes long & you can fast forward through some of it.” (source of the above quotes is unknown) I spent 15 months in Vietnam and witnessed the horrors of ARVIN (the army republic of South Vietnam) POW Camps but I cannot fathom the experiences of Americans prisoners in Hanoi and countless other unknown places, excluding many others who just vanished! Even though this war has been 40 plus years ago, they are and forever will be, like multitudes of others before and since, Americans who bravely sacrificed, and are still sacrificing, for the land of the free and the home of the brave, regardless of what some ignoramus may think!