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  • “Just For Pilgrims And Others”(part#2)

    “TakeTime To Stare”

    “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us,…” (1Jn 3:1)

    Imagine yourself in a theater with all the lights out. Suddenly, a spot light comes on and all eyes immediately go to the focal point of the light. Although we will never find the word spotlight in the New Testament, translators found one in the little word “behold.”

    In addition, let us briefly peek at a few more things. I learned that this is the only place in John’s writings where he places emphasis upon a statement that speaks of one of God’s perfect characteristics then puts it into question form. By itself, the phrase “what manner” (ποταπός, pronounced – pot-ap-os’ – is an interrogative i.e. a question stating – of what possible sort)   Secondly, prior to the earthly ministry of Christ, the word for “love” (“agape” ) was unknown to man. Thirdly, God has permanently extended this gracious benevolent act toward each person but only His true children possess the ability to appreciate, follow, and share it. Today a man could easily say, “Look, can you believe what God has forever sent our way?”   

    As I sit at my desk between two bright lights, I, too, must ask myself – how strongly have I stared at God’s perfect and unique love for me this morning? God deeply desires for us to focus upon His love until it becomes the brightest thing in our lives.

    Remember: While we are staring upon the brightest thing all other things grow not only dimmer but also some completely fade away!