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  • First reply from M.S.U. Diagnostic Services about our mysterious formations



    A few days ago (11-14-17) I spoke with Howard at M.S.U. Diagnostic Services in Lansing about the mysterious rock-like formations that appeared within a four-hour period in our back yard. After sharing the earlier received jpegs and mpegs with fellow technicians, he remarked that no one has ever seen anything like these nor do they have any guesses as to their identity. Howard is now determined to get this resolved as much as I do, thus, he requested a specimen and later that day one was in the mail headed his way. He went on to express that he planned to contact and share this weird matter with the biological research department.

    By the way, on the 13th of this month, I discovered three new ones near the area where we frequently walk. Why we had not stepped on them is beyond me!

    I am very confident that this matter will soon be resolved.

    As soon as I receive news, I will pass it on.