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  • Discovering a Godly Surprise

    (Jn.7:46) “The officers answered, never man spake like this man.” Ever wonder what it would have been like to have literally heard the lips of Jesus read, quote, teach and preach? Just a word of two from Jesus could do wonders in the lives of those who heard and obeyed HIM. In our text we find that the pharisees and priests had sent officers to find and retrieve Jesus. These hypocritical spiritual leaders were possessed with putting an end to Jesus at the Passover in Jerusalem. We suddenly find the men encountering some big challenges. First, instead of arresting Jesus, they listened and their lives were attracted to His eternal teachings! Secondly, they returned to the priests and pharisees empty handed. Last but not least, these officers could not ignore that which they heard from Jesus. Even in our time, folks often desire to look at and expose themselves to reading the Bible without getting involved just to find themselves being drawn to and establishing a Bible based conviction about what they read! Dear friends, when was the last time you exposed yourselves to the Words of God – just searching for something; later returning, having the conviction I must have heard for God? Let me encourage you to never forget, “… Never man spake like this man”