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  • Our Mysterious Backyard Find

    Sunday night, October 22, 2017, around 9pm I took our dog (Toby) out to the backyard. When I slide the door open Toby jerked the leash assembly out of my right hand and headed east to the privacy fence, in pursuit of what was probably a raccoon or a rabbit. Nevertheless, when I caught up with him and headed back, my flashlight caught numerous white objects scattered out in an area approximately 10 feet wide 25-30 feet in length in the middle of our back yard. I scanned around a bit and went back into the house.

    Early the next morning I went out back for a better look. My brain had a difficult time accepting this strange phenomenon. These mysterious rock-like things, of about 1-1/2 inch in length, reminded me of limestone driveway gravel but it was easy to note that they were not. Each object was different from another in shape, although, they had many things in common. Their irregular texture revealed that they were made of little tiny compressed particles of about .030 of an inch in diameter. I have no knowledge of the composition of these odorless particles but I sure would like to know.

    As crazy as it sounds, and due to the fact that they are easily crumbled, each object appears to have a unique relationship to its location because none of them had particles nearby on the ground. This leads me to believe that they could have their origin from the earth or from the sky.

    Still another strange fact surfaces: About four hours earlier my wife and I were in the backyard untangling some extension cords. We were in some of the exact locations as the white objects and never noticed them, if they were there. Still another possibility stands up. Due to the rapid growth of about four hours or so, is it possible that one could have witnessed the growth of these bazaar things?

    Later that morning (Oct. 23rd.) I took one to a local home improvement center where contractors gather. Since no one had ever seen anything like this, the owner recommended the nursery on M 52. I left one at the nursery and later in the day they contacted me and were just as perplexed as I was, with the exception of one thing – they were positive it was not from fertilizer.  After I admitted that our yard had not been fertilized  in 1 1/2 yrs., the nursery owner gave me the phone number an extension agent. After several calls around our area, I phoned the agent, Mr. Bob Bricault, at MSU Diagnostic Services. He currently has all that you see below. I await their response.


    PS:  Please excuse the mentioned year of 2015 in the video clip. I should of had more coffee before returning to the yard.




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