2nd edition of “Tracking Kings”

My dear friends,


   Front Cover  Many believers, especially those students in Bible colleges, institutes, universities, and even in seminaries continue to struggle with the kings and the last twenty-five books of the Old Testament

    My name is Roger Luther and a number of years ago God gave me a burden that eventually grew into a manuscript and eventually into a book published by True Potential Publishing in 2009. This 412-page hardback is entitled “Tracking Kings.” Its content is about the Old Testament Kings with primary focus directed on the kings, and one queen, of the divided kingdoms after the death of King Solomon. In addition, this publication is a product of almost five years of detailed research. Without a doubt, my greatest burden when writing the manuscript is the fact that from the end of II Chronicles to the last word in Malachi every book in some way was connected by God, either directly or indirectly, to the era of the kings. I distinctly remember, as a student in the mid 70’s, the extreme difficulties I experienced in the Kings and Chronicles and the books thereafter. My deepest prayer is that this work would in some way be a small asset to all in God’s service, but especially, those who are sitting where I once sat.

 Below you will note objectives and guidelines I followed from the beginning.

    1.­ the establishment of a chronological timeline

    2. to write in an easily understandable manner

    3. season the book with plenty of footnotes – providing assistance and additional information

    4. define proper names when first used

    5. include maps and charts as needed

    6. use a generous amount of quotes to broaden perspectives

    7.  insert essay-type chapter questions to challenge the reader to dig deeper

    8.  to aid in assisting the reader in the value of chronologically studying I & II Kings and I & II Chronicles

    9.  structure the book in such a fashion that it can be used as a self-study guide, reference book, or textbook

    10. insert Scripture as needed in order to assist the reader in the narrative, instead of just providing references  

    11. conclude by guiding the reader to a place where he or she may meet the real supreme KING, if they have not already done so.

 Fundamental statistics about “Tracking Kings”

       1. The book has 25 chapters.

       2. Part one (chapters 1-8) overviews a time span of 1021 years.

       3. Part two (chapters 9-25) covers a period of 387 years.

       4. The entire timeframe of the book is from B.C.1996 to a time between B.C.588 or 1,408 years.

       5. The book contains a total of 143 essay-type questions. 

       6. 179 footnotes, adding supplemental and documented material to the narrative

       7. The bibliography contains 56 books and 4 web sites.


   “Tracking Kings” is currently available from the publisher, Amazon.com, Barns & Noble, or from me.

     My reason for sending this e-mail is to notify as many as possible that “Tracking Kings” is currently being re-edited and the 2nd edition will once again be ready for students of Scripture and stores. In addition, this new edition will also be available in every conceivable electronic version, to provide an alternative for out of country students and those stateside desiring such a rendition.

    If you feel this is something you, your college, university, seminary, friends, or library may benefit from, please contact me at Rllroger1948@gmail.com  or the publisher – Steve@tppress.com  and we will be delighted to send you a complimentary section on the life of Jehoshaphat.  After reading the excerpt, if you so desire, notify us and we would be honored to add you name to a list, qualifying you as being some of the first to purchase this 2nd edition as soon as it comes off the presses.

Thank you very much for your time,

Dr. R. L. Luther