Home at last!

Look Out


To the best of my knowledge, we have finally settled into our new retirement home in Tecumseh, Mi. (or Mayberry). I hope that it is here where I will be able to finish my airboat and get back into fishing, exploring, and plug into a church.


Tracking Kings Finalized

Recently, I received the revised layout of the second and final edition of Tracking Kings. Soon after returning this, the final galley text will show up – then on to the printer. The publisher and editor have worked on this manuscript just as a bird meticulously builds a nest. The second edition will be considerable larger than the first because it has three different indexes. Secondly, not only will it be in paperback to assist in keep the cost down but current plans are to have it in all electronic forms, as well. Upon completion, it is my prayer that this large publication find its home as a textbook, reference book or for personal spiritual growth. Five years of research were absorbed in bringing this one of a kind publication into existence.
Soon it will be available from the Amazon, Barns and Noble, and me, but your most pleasurable route is through the publisher – “True Potential Publishing” at tppress.com. On this web site, you will quickly find many Christian publications – something for everyone!
I will keep you posted on “Tracking Kings”!